Photo by: Demie Faith Danday

By Demie Faith Danday, Contributor

Consumers as well as vendors and suppliers are troubled because of the nonstop oil price hike. The transportation of goods like vegetables, meat and rice requires the use of gasoline.

According to Jun, a 25-year-old and a newbie in selling vegetables in the market, said: “Halos lahat ng gulay tumaas din, tulad ng kamatis dati 40 ngayon dumoble ng 80. Yung sibuyas ang bumaba kasi maraming supply. Lahat inaangkat namin. Hindi naman naging matumal, naintindihan naman nila.”

Placido, a rice dealer and vendor, said the suppliers hiked their prices so they were forced to hike their rice prices too. “Businesses are slowly dying because of the pandemic and adding the ceaseless oil price hike, people will soon feel the heaviness of this unstoppable crisis,” he said.

The oil price hike continuously hobble consumers, suppliers and vendors.They continue to persevere and survive.#