SNAP-Magat Clean-up Drive volunteers

SN Aboitiz Power (SNAP) Group held clean-up drives at their host communities in Magat, Isabela on April 22, and Ambuklao and Binga in Benguet on April 23 to mark Earth Day 2024.

Volunteers composed of SNAP employees, contractors, local workers and residents, and government representatives participated in the clean-up drive. At SNAP-Magat, volunteers collected around a dozen garbage bags filled with plastics, styrofoam, and bottles at the Magat dam crest in Ramon, Isabela, which were then brought to a materials recovery facility (MRF) at the Magat dam complex for disposal. In SNAP-Benguet, mixed wastes were collected and disposed of by volunteers to the plants’ MRF. In addition to the clean-up drive, a fuel break was also established at Binga Hilltop to support forest fire prevention. Fuel breaks or firelines are vegetative structural control measures that act as a barrier to stop or slow down the widespread forest or grass fires.

Earth Day is an annual celebration held on April 22 to commemorate the achievements of the environmental movement and raise awareness on the need to protect and conserve the planetโ€™s natural resources. This yearโ€™s theme, “Planet vs Plastics”, is a call to action to reduce plastic waste. #

SNAP-Benguet Clean-up Drive volunteers