Photo by: Demie Faith O. Danday

By Demie Faith Danday, Contributor

The debilitating effects of continuous oil price hike can no longer be denied. Tricycle and jeepney drivers are the most affected of the price hike.

Nelvin Allam, 42 years old, working for 20 years as a tricycle driver, said that their income had “tremendously dropped” because of the continuous oil price hike. “Yung kinikita namin saktong pang bagoong nalang, hindi katulad dati na nakakaulam kame ng masarap, ngayon okay na yung bagoong,” he said in Filipino. Some passengers who learn the plight of the drivers pay higher fare. But as we are all affected of this situation, most of the passengers prefer to walk than to ride on any public vehicle. The drivers are still hoping for the government to have an immediate solution to this problem.

Even businesses are not spared and very much affected of this predicament. Jason, 31 years old, a gasoline boy, share that their sales also depleted because of the “unceasing” oil price hike.

The unstoppable oil price hike makes people lives more bad or terrible. Uncertainty looms.#