Photo by Hexilon B. Palattao

By Hexilon Palattao, Contributor

On Monday, March 7, companies of oil have announced their price hike brought still by the on-going discord between Russia and Ukraine.

In Ilagan, Isabela, tricycle drivers are at a difficult situation in dealing with the increase in oil price as this forces them to elevate the minimum fare for the passengers.

Nelvin Allam, 42, in his 20 years of being a tricycle driver said that he feels distressed every time he runs over a news that regards in oil price growth especially today the it is unpredictable when will it stop. He mentioned that other passengers choose to walk instead of taking their ride because of added fare, while some commuters argued that they should maintain their previous ride cost.

Income is seemingly decreasing in these tricycle drivers just like the sentiments of Jericho Bumalos, five years in the field said that half of his P500.00 wage goes to oil cost. He is dismayed with this eventuality as numbers of commuters are lowering, same goes different to the price of basic commodities that become unaffordable to them as drivers.

On Tuesday, March 8, Senator Drilon pushes the Bureau of Internal Revenue to decrease the excise tax on fuel. #