Photo by: Hexilon Palattao

By Hexilon Palattao

The Social Security System (SSS) reminded the employers of their non following of legal obligations to their employees and the agency.

“When these employers did not comply, we hold them accountable to their legal obligations and ignoring our order,” Atty. Antonio Argabioso, SSS Luzon Senior Vice President, said during a press conference on April 7 after visiting 13 employers who delinquently pay their contributions.

“In our official number, 30 thousand employers nationwide have been filed cases for their violations,” he added.

Most of these violations are non-registration, inadequate report of the number of employees and inaccurate report of their salaries.

Based on SSS, Luzon North 2 Division, from 2017-2019, high numbers of employers have complied in their agency order as they practice coercive force as their scheme to pressure them to pay their legal obligations.

Though they still have lists of pending cases of employers, Argabioso said “we still entertain settlement because we see employers as our partners in sustaining the needs of the employees.”

The activity Run After Contribution Evaders (RACE) by SSS is simultaneously being conducted nationwide. #