Photos by Demie Faith Danday

By Demie Faith Danday

CITY OF ILAGAN, Isabela- The Baculud overflow bridge nearly overflowed because of continuous rains in the past three days.

Feli Carbonel, 58-year-old resident of Barangay Baculud, said she washed clothes of her clients in the Baculud overflow river despite of the high level of water to earn income. “Umaapaw ito kapag malakas ang ulan. Ngayong ganito ang panahon, wala kaming panghanap-buhay kasi naglalabandera lang kami at nagpupulot ng mais,” Carbonel said.

Even in the midst of pouring rain, Carbonel insisted to finish washing her clients’ clothes because she still needs to dry these for some time.

Though the residents of Barangay Baculud are used to the situation in their place, they are still worried if the river overflows and will wash out their houses again.#