Photo by: Hexilon Palattao

By Hexilon Palattao

Lucky Salayog goes to Malacañang to personally present himself to President Rodrigo Duterte with his art sculpture of PRRD’s portrayal leading ordinary Filipinos behind him, pointing a gun signifying aggressiveness towards the corrupt and abusers.

Salayog shares that it was an overwhelming experience to meet President Duterte as all his efforts, since he started exploring his skills in Grade 4 up to now, had paid off.

“Of course, at first, I can’t believe that it was real, I couldn’t believe that I will be meeting the President,” he said.

He considers this appreciation of President Duterte as his greatest achievement in his career. His recognition from the Chief Executive has also opened windows of opportunities for him as other politicians have also reached for him for commissioned sculptures.

The monument of former Governor Benjamin Dy of Cauayan City, and the image of Mayor Tonton Uy of Cabatuan, Isabela are some of the artworks he sculptures.

“My father is a woodman, he makes furniture. I grow up seeing his artwork where I possibly obtain my talent,” he recalls.

“Back then, I still remember that I can create a lampshade out of coconut shell. I will pass by welding shops and it will immediately get my interest to observe what they do,” he adds.

His passion in making artworks inspired him to take up Architecture in college that he eventually did not finish, but this did not discourage him as “this has given me more time to focus on what I really love doing,” he says.

Now, he is proud to share his success as a sculptor, being included in an exhibiting show composed of national artists, and recognition from different sectors. #