Courtesy:PIA-Region 2

By Demie Faith Danday

Region 2 is still free from avian flu or bird flu, a Department of Agriculture official said.

Sporadic confirmed cases in the nearby provinces like Nueva Ecija, Laguna, Tarlac, Benguet, Pampanga and Bulacan, the government make sure that it will not enter Cagayan Valley region’s premises, Dr. Manuel Galang of Department of Agriculture said.

He shared the preparation in preventing the bird flu from entering and spreading in the region. The officials imposed regional quality checkpoints in boundary areas like Santa Fe, Nueva Vizcaya and regular monitoring in coastal areas. Seminars are also conducted to educate and alert LGUs and poultry farms.

According to Galang they also run tests regularly to check if the birds are infected.

The main source of the bird flu are the migratory birds from other countries like Russia and China during cold season, researches showed. Summer season is coming and the migratory birds are about to leave, but the older birds and those that laid eggs in the area will not leave and will still pose a threat to the other birds, researches further read.

Information and dissemination is important to monitor the spread of bird flu, the DA official added.#