Photo by: Vince Jacob Visaya

By VINCE JACOB VISAYA, The Manila Times news correspondent and Luzonwide News Correspondent Publishing editor

TUGUEGARAO CITY-Cagayan women would further show their power by amplifying senses of self-worth, pick their own choices, and spur social change in the community, lawyer Mabel Mamba, congressional bet in the third district of the province said on Thursday (May 5).

“One issue that we advocate is to help women realize that we have a big role in the society. We are not just plain housewives. If we can do the household chores, we can do more for the society,” she said as shrugged off tirades by her lone rival, reelectionist-incumbent Rep. Joseph Lara.

She broached the idea of pushing for more livelihood projects, not mere seminars, to produce more crafts, develop more skills, and earn more capital for ventures. 

“Here in Cagayan, we have 80-percent of families engaged in agriculture—which is the backbone of economy. If we promote agriculture and help them modernize in the province, our farmers will gain income,” she added. 

In education, she pushed for an outlook that will help learners find work after graduation. “We see our government’s priorities and have “employable” youth,” she said.#