Image courtesy: 103thIB

PINUKPUK, Kalinga-An asset revealed to the operators of 103IB Mobile Community Support and Sustainment Team (MCSST) the old encampment where the CTG hid the war materiel at Sitio Tappo, Barangay Limos, Pinukpuk, Kalinga on March 2,2024.

A deliberate action was made by the Alpha “Alakdan” Company of 103IB which resulted in the discovery of the CTG encampment. Among the recovered were one Cal .45 Pistol, one empty magazine for a Cal .45 Pistol, one Claymore mine, six pcs Rifle Grenade, two 40mm cartridges for m203 grenade launcher, four serviceable keypad cellphones, three commercial radio chargers, assorted expired

Lt. Colonel Joel V Lucas, Commander 103IB lauded the efforts of the community and their continuous commitment and support to the government peace and security initiatives.#