by LNC Reportorial Team/Lemar Torres and Genalyn Castillo

Revenue District Officer Roberto Gazzingan said he is delighted to surpass their past collection from 2022, same month as taxpayers in Isabela were cooperative and responsible.

He believed that better government services will be achieved if there will be bigger collection around the region.

At least P336.91 million was the total tax collection for March 2023, 20.16 million more than from the previous year.

Gazzingan also warned business owners that tries to evade their tax liabilities.

He reiterated that if 30 percent of their sale were understated, they will be facing tax evasion under the Tax Code of the Philippines. Non-Issuance of official receipts was also a rampant issue that the agency is trying to address.

The officer also elucidated their tax enforcement campaign towards online business owners and even local vloggers to remind them on their tax responsibilities. With their Online Registration and Update System (ORUS), online biz can now register themselves by accessing the website and register books of appointment to the agency.

They also launched ‘Tax Tulungan’ promotion across Isabela.

Gazzingan then remind the public that the final implementation of estate tax amnesty will be on June 14, 2023 while the deadline of filing income tax returns in 2022 will be on April 17, 2023.#