Being financially-savvy has now become a trend among Filipinos. Many are challenging themselves to save up for the future, whether it’s to prepare themselve for when they start a family, buy a new house, start their businesses and more.

However, Filipinos are now looking for better and more efficient ways to grow their savings. Investing is the road less traveled for numerous reasons: 1) it would require a big capital; 2) Zero to minimal knowledge; and 3) Lack of time to manage the fund.
If you’re one of the many Filipinos who has these same worries, today’s the day it will all go away.
Robinsons Bank thru its Trust and Investments Group has now launched the easiest and most affordable investment product in the market! Start your investment for as low as Php 1,000. There are three UITF products you can choose from, each suited for a different risk appetite: 1) Payday Money Market Fund, 2) Equity Index Feeder Fund, 3) Equity Opportunity Feeder Fund.
RBank’s Trust professionals will be doing the work for clients.#