Nanay Maria's magic touch

By Kayla Dy

Nanay Maria, 55, from Sta Maria, Isabela started her pottery business when she was 20yrs old. With only a Grade 4 as educational attainment, she strived to build her pottery business to put her kids through college.

Almost all of her kids already have college degrees. She said that she experienced the lowest of the lows of their living just to put a meal on their dining table. And that is what gave her the drive to strive harder in the pottery business.

Nanay Maria shared the ups and downs of the pottery business and everything that comes with it. She even shared the story about how her eldest kid had no food to eat but still persevered to go to class that day. Some days, they would have no food to eat. She shared these challenges with tears in her eyes but told us with conviction about having the courage to shoulder the struggles because it is part of life.

Now, Nanay Maria still makes pottery projects. She said profit would solely depend on the season. At times they collect big and sometimes, otherwise. But she said that she doesn’t hold a grudge against their circumstance.

But rather, have hope and work hard for what is yet to come.#