Courtesy LGU-San Mateo, Isabela Atty. Eric Subia


1. Observance of minimum heath protocols at all times.

2. All weddings and other social celebrations will be at 20% venue capacity.

3. Reestablishment of Checkpoints in every barangay.

4. 20% venue capacity for dine-in restaurants. No serving of alcoholic beverages.

5. All LSIs and ROFs will report at the San Mateo MDRRMO/Rescue 309 upon arrival in the municipality.

6. All LSIs are required to secure a negative RT-PCR or antigen test result prior to traveling to San Mateo.

7. Presence of enforcers at the San Mateo Public Market.

8. Resorts and leisure parks will be closed.

9. Activities along the Magat River are not allowed.

10. Videoke in public areas and even inside private compounds not allowed.

11. Bikers at maximum of 5 per group.

12. Masses and other religious gatherings at 20% venue capacity.

13. Wakes-5 days only; immediate family members only. Presence of tanod for the whole duration of activity. No combo/music band is allowed during the activity.(Courtesy:LGU-San Mateo, Isabela/Atty. Eric Subia)