Photo taken by Vince Jacob Visaya

By Niecel Joy Opolinto and Demie Faith Danday

A forum on responsible mining has been initiated on March 24, 2022 at Zen Hotel, Santiago City.

One of the resource speakers, Engr. Richard P. Alamo, mine and safety, environment and social development division, talked about the policy matters on lifting ban open pit mining or the DAO 2021-40 which was approved on December 23, 2021.

According to researches, direct, mining directly on the ground surface, resulting in an open pit, is known as open pit mining. When the uranium ore is close to the surface, this method is practicable and cost-effective.

Open pit mining is a globally accepted method of mining but on the beginning, Engr. Alamo said: “There are also groups that is against on open pit.” It was globally accepted so it all depends on the ore body, he added.

He also indicated that not all open pit mine produces acid rock drainage and there are best control strategies to help eliminate the negative impact of mining.

In the case of Oceanagold Philippines, he discussed that the minerals present on the area are alkaline.

“Thus, progressive rehabilitation of mining is practiced to restore the area,” he said. He also indicated that ” mining industry is like a piggy bank.” This means that when you are in need you have the piggy bank which you can deal with during emergency.

In mining industry, what you reap is what you need when in open pit because the national government believes that the mining industry will become a contributor for the country.#