photo by: Hexilon Palattao

By Hexilon Palattao,
March 14, 2022

This morning, Senators Ping Lacson and Tito Sotto visited Cauayan City, Isabela as part of their campaign rally in the North. Different groups and organizations filled in the FLDY coliseum there are farmers, women class, and government employees who are in full support of his campaign.

Aspiring Vice President Tito Sotto centered his speech on the laws he passed in the senate and the projects he has accomplished such as the Comprehensive Dangerous Drug’s Act of 2002. He also emphasized to the Cauayanos that he authors the conversion of the then municipality of Cauayan to becoming a city.

Meanwhile, Senator Ping Lacson is claiming the COVID-19 endemic once he sits as the president. He mentioned that not only our health was heavily affected by the virus but so is the national debt that has now reached 11 trillion. Philippines has 5 trillion pesos national budget this 2022 but he said that over one trillion was allocated for the debt. He opened the issue of over 700 billion pesos that is lost every year due to corruption.

During the open forum, a farmer raised a question regarding their agricultural plan and asked whether they win or lose, they hope the tandem will help them in lowering the cost of organic fertilizer. Sotto mentioned that they plan the government to shoulder the 50% product of these farmers they utilize in agriculture if given the chance to be elected.

Finally, Lacson was not able to escape from the issue of Anti-Terror Law, relative to his recent issue of red-tagging, where he is one of the principal authors. He said that Anti-Terror Law helps in lowering the number of terrorism attack in our country. It was well evaluated and underwent a thorough study in the congress and senate before it was passed. It was only propagated that it was harmful but it is really for the interest of the Filipino people.