Photos by: Demie Faith Danday

By Demie Faith Danday, Contributor

Maddela, Quirino- Presidential aspirant and incumbent Senator Panfilo “Ping” Lacson said that he never accepted any grease money or “suhol” throughout his 50 years of public service.

Earlier, a villager questioned his qualification. “What unique characteristics do you have that the other candidates who also run for presidency doesn’t have?” asked by Lito Bacani from Poblacion Sur, Maddela, Quirino.

“I have experience, I came from PMA class of 1971, have 20 years of service in the Arm Forces of the Philippines before I become a member of Philippine National Police and end my services as the “Hepe” or Chief of the National Police” Lacson said.

Lacson added that he has the ability and the honesty that a good leader should have, “I worked without expecting anything in return, work is work”.

Lacson also responded “Ituloy na” to Francisco Gadingan who is also from Maddela, Quirino, about his queries regarding the repeatedly postponed Barangay and SK elections.

Last November, Representative Joel Almario of Davao Oriental introduced a bill to push back the barangay and SK elections from December 2022 to May 9, 2024. His reasoning was that the skills of current barangay officials who were on the frontlines during the COVID-19 response would help the new set of national and local officials who will be elected in May. #