Isko Moreno Northern Alliance convenor Cicero Lumauig (with microphone) of Ifugao acknowledges the invasion of new members with the presidential hopeful Isko Moreno's group, Aksyon Demokratiko while Atty. Minehaha Espejo, regional convenor of Ikaw Muna Pilipinas and Aksyon Demokratiko regional officer, supports Lumauig's view. With them are business sector representative Nelson Baccay and youth representative John Mark Narag. (Photo by VINCE JACOB VISAYA)

By VINCE JACOB  A. VISAYA, The Manila Times News Correspondent

TUGUEGARAO CITY-The unexpected invasion of new members of Manila mayor Isko Moreno’s Aksyon Demokratiko in Cagayan Valley and Cordillera and leaders here see this as both a blessing and headache. 

“The unexpected invasion of new members has been giving us an outpour of support but the sway of new members also see possible infiltrators so we screen the new members,” according to Ifugao’s Cicero Lumauig, son of the late congressman Gualberto Lumauig, in a news briefing with the Manila Times and other reporters during the launching of the party’s Isko Moreno Northern Alliance (INA) and regional headquarters in this city on Saturday late afternoon.

“In fact, there are even new members who would like to ease the original officers, which should not be possible and cannot be done. Equity of the incumbent is not a rule here, the original organizers have been volunteering way back before Isko (Moreno) has decided to run for president,” he added.

Certificates of nomination and acceptance (CONAs) have been issued to about 150 hopefuls in few days in Isabela aside from 30 issued on Friday in Cagayan, lawyer Menihaha Espejo, regional convenor of Ikaw Muna Pilipinas and Aksyon Demokratiko regional officer, said.

“We know that politics is addition so we are in a continuing work for alliances in Cagayan Valley and in other provinces in Northern Luzon,” she said, adding that other provinces have been helping other areas during times of emergencies like in working for the CONAs. Alliances have been expected in the next days until October 8 last day of filing but changes until the substitution period until November 15 would be expected, she added.#