Photo By: Demie Faith Danday

By Demie Faith Danday, Contributor

GAMU, Isabela– Heavy rains continued to fall in the province of Isabela over the last few days, bending the rice plants and destroying the grains.

Lita Lintao, 59 years old, 30 years in farming and a resident of Furao, Gamu, Isabela said that “talakitik/siba” is the main problem they have encountered in growing the rice plant.

 “If not monitored, our grains will be all eaten by the talakitik/siba, the government gave us 1 sack of fertilizer, but it is not enough, we still have to buy one more sack and it costs 2,150 pesos, double of its price last year” Lintao said.

“We need to pay for people, 400 pesos per day per head, to harvest the affected area of the field, because the reaper cannot harvest the bended rice plants, and it added to our expenses. Reaper is cheaper, but it cannot harvest everything, “she added.

They need to harvest the grains a week earlier, because if not it will all go to waste.#