Bugkalot/Ilongot day celebrated for the first time in Quirino province

By Jamaica Barbas

NAGTIPUNAN, Quirino- The Bugkalot/Ilongot Tribe celebrated the first Bugkalot/ Ilongot Day Celebration held at Landingan, Nagtipunan, Quirino on 23rd of July this year.

It has a theme “Strengthening Unity among the Bugkalot/Ilongot Ancestral Domain Holders. “

It was attended by almost 2,000 tribal members from the province of Quirino, Nueva Vizcaya and Aurora.

Attendees showcased their excellence in dancing the indigenous dances of the tribe including celebrations in weddings, christenings, and other occasions as well as harvest dances and others.

Such a historic celebration as the tribe was awarded the Certificate of Ancestral Domain Title (CADT). It has an area of 212,773,4679 hectares covered by the towns of Nagtipunan in Quirino, Maria Aurora and Dipaculao, Aurora Province, and Dupax Del Norte, Kasibu, Dupax Del Sur and Alfonso Castaneda, Nueva Vizcaya.

The festival aims to promote unity among tribal members. ” Tayo ay nahaharap sa pinaghahati-hati tayo ngunit isipin natin, tayo ay magbuklod-buklod, magkaisa sa iisang paninindigan na lupa natin ito dapat nating alagaan, ayusin at ipagmalaki,” said Rosario Camma, Chieftain of Bugkalot/Ilongot Tribe. #