Senator Christopher ‘Bong’ Go, vice chairperson of both the Senate Committees on National Defense and Public Order, has strongly condemned the terrorist attack at the Mindanao State University (MSU) in Marawi City.

“I strongly condemn this cowardly terrorist attack during a mass inside MSU Marawi this morning that killed numerous innocent people and injured many others,” said Go in a statement on Sunday, December 3.

He expressed profound grief and solidarity with the families affected, stating, “Taus-puso akong nakikiramay sa mga pamilya ng mga namatayan at nasaktan sa pag-atakeng ito. Masakit para sa sinumang magulang, kapatid o anak, ang mawalan ng mahal sa buhay lalo na kung dulot ng karahasan.”

Calling for swift action, Go urged the country’s law enforcement agencies to act immediately and hold those responsible accountable for their actions. “As vice chair of both Senate Committees on National Defense and Public Order, I call upon our law enforcement bodies to hunt down whoever is responsible and punish them with the full force of the law.” He also emphasized the importance of protecting educational institutions from such acts of terror.

“Moreover, acts of terrorism on educational institutions like the Mindanao State University must be condemned. Ensuring the safety of students in schools from terrorist threats is a paramount priority for fostering a secure learning environment,” added Go.

Amid such tragedy, Go urged fellow Filipinos to remain resilient and united.

“The function of terrorism is to terrorize people. If we allow ourselves to be terrorized, terrorists win. As such, we must remain united and should not allow this crime to trigger sectarian hatred and further animosity among Filipino people.”

Reflecting on the resilience of Marawi City, he noted, “Our brothers and sisters in Marawi have already emerged from the dark ashes of the Marawi Siege.”

“We must not let another terrorist act derail efforts of achieving long-term peace and development in Marawi City, where people of different faiths have historically co-existed in harmony and mutual respect,” he added.

The blast occurred at MSU’s Dimaporo Gym during a Mass on December 3, primarily attended by students, on the First Sunday of Advent, a day of significance for Catholics. MSU responded by halting classes, enhancing security, and working with officials on the investigation.

The blast resulted in at least four fatalities and around 45 injuries. The wounded were immediately taken to Amai Pakpak Medical Center for treatment.

President Ferdinand Marcos, Jr., denounced the attack, linking it to international terrorists. He ordered authorities to conduct a swift inquiry and vowed to seek justice for the families affected by this tragedy. ###