TUGUEGARAO CITY – The joint personnel of 201st MC, Regional Mobile Force Company 2 in coordination with Ilagan CCPS, 1st IPMFC, 142SAC, 14SAB, SAF, 86th IB and 95th IB, Philippine Army discovered an arm cache containing war material in Barangay Villa Imelda, Ilagan City, Isabela, yesterday, October 24, 2023.

Through continuous negotiation and communication to alias “Maine” a former member of Komprob Isabela and surrendered in the year 2021 led the operatives to the location of the arm cache.

The operating troops successfully recovered four (4) Rifle Grenades, sixteen (16) pcs of CTG 5.56 live ammunition, five (5) pcs of CTG 7.62 ammunition, eleven (11) pcs of CTG 5.56 Empty shells, four (4) CTG 7.62 Empty Shells, two (2) IED Anti-personnel, one (1) MK2 grenade hand fragmentation, one (1) NPA Flag and one (1) Shot Gun and three (3) pcs shells 12-gauge live ammunition.

The Recovered items were brought to 201st MC, RMFB2 Headquarters for proper documentation and disposition.

PNP Region Press Release