By Vince Jacob Visaya

QUEZON, Isabela-Thirteen people, including seven children, when a sports utility vehicle plunged into an irrigation canal in Bulo, Tabuk City, Kalinga on April 18 afternoon, police said.

Fatalities were identified as Soy Lope Agtulao, 36-year-old; Judilyn Talawec Dumayom, 31; Alfredo Cutit Lope, 59;  Remedios Longey Basilio, 56; Jessabel Basilio Paycao, 27; Sony Puking Lopez, 22; Marlo Gel Perena, 6; Seadarn Talawec Dumayom, 5; Scarlet Basilio Paycao, 3; Jeslyn Talawec Paycao, 4; Cydwin Lope Agtulao, 6; Cyan Lope Agtulao, 4; and Ezverdcrick Basilio Paycao, 4.

Two others identified as Cyril Lope Agtulao, 10, and Edith Andiso Perez, 51, have been critical at the hospital.

The black Everest SUV was cruising the Bulo village when the driver lost control of the steering wheel and fell into the irrigation canal.

Rescuers brought the victims to hospitals but two died at the Kalinga Provincial Hospital while 11 were declared dead on arrival at the Mejia Kim District Hospital.#